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Flop 27, follows FLOP 26, failure to agree binding targets for the love of coal and oil



The buck stops with his Majesty King Charles III, as head of state of the United Kingdom.




Some local authorities in the United Kingdom are notoriously corrupt. The Wealden District Council has been identified as one of the worst, because of its appalling human rights record, lack of accountability & transparency, and almost total lack of genuinely affordable housing.


Indeed, this local authority has enforced against many caravans and mobile homes, despite their inability to provide low cost accommodation. In our view this constitutes financial and hardship and mental torture for millions of citizens in the UK.


When a petition was presented to this administration in 1997, the criminal elements of 12 complaints were referred to Sussex police, but not one of those informants was interviewed for a statement and evidence as to the corruption identified. Making this constabulary party to the offences. It is alleged that the police handed Wealden's officers a blank sheet of their headed paper, for the council to write their own letter of exoneration.


The Crown Prosecution Service were party to the conspiracy to pervert the course of justice. Admitting that there was insufficient evidence to prosecute, but also aware that Sussex police had not conducted an investigation. It is a crime in itself, to not investigate a crime, such as to prevent the gathering of evidence, to be able to mount a prosecution.



Accountability - Immunity for councils and police

Affordability - Lack of it in a corrupt Kingdom

Adolf Hitler - Without whom we'd not have the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Appeals - No right to justice in the UK

British Empire - Unsustainable kleptocracy

CCRC - Criminal Cases Review Commission - discriminatory agency to whitewash English injustices

Clarion Housing Group Ltd - Interference with peaceful enjoyment of well water & right to life

Climate Change - The UK's house building goldrush is superheating planet earth

Commonwealth - Relic of a lost Empire

Concentration Camps - A British invention

Criminal Justice System - Dysfunctional practice that is not independent

Dame Cressida Dick DBE QPM - Crime Commissioner, Metropolitan police

Death Camps - NHS hospitals

Eugenics - English agendas and programmes to deprive the right to a family & life without interference
European Convention On Human Rights

Freedom - Something we do not enjoy in the UK

Gillian Jones - 'Gilly' is a solicitor working for Surrey and Sussex police

Global warming - Failure to protect life

Government - Administrative human rights violations

Honours System - A means by which the head of state can influence the Courts, demanding abolition

Human Rights Act 1998 - Articles 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18

                                     First protocol - Articles 1, 2

                                     Sixth protocol - Articles 1, 2

Income Tax - Wasted on international posturing

James Ashley - Shooting of an unarmed citizen by Sussex police

Jo Shiner - Chief Constable of Sussex police in 2020

John Hoath - Pensioner sentenced to 8 weeks in prison for reporting crime

Katy Bourne - Crime Commissioner for Sussex

King Charles III -

King - William - Harry?

Lackluster - The UK's human rights abominations

Latimer Developments Limited - Interference with peaceful enjoyment of well water & right to life

Margaret Thatcher - Dictator politician (Maggie) that tried to financially enslave every man & 

                             sold off social housing as one of her quick fixes, so creating a landlord state.

Masons - A secret society that should be outlawed as it conflicts with the independence of the Courts

Members of Parliament - A to Z of elected representatives of the people

N Kruschandl - Victim of institutionalised discrimination, wrongful conviction & detention

Opaque - 

Parliament - A building where human rights are diluted and taxes increased

Prince Harry - Duke of Sussex

Prince William - Duke of Cambridge

Prisons - Where framed activists are kept locked up to keep state crimes a secret

Queen Elizabeth - Head of State 2020 - Died in 2022

Rape - Of the person by the State

Sharna Grice - Murdered after reporting threats to Sussex police

Susan Nicholson - Murdered after reporting threats to Sussex police

Slavery - Financial burdening of UK citizens by British politicians & policy makers

Sussex police - Don't report crimes here, or you may be framed, prosecuted and imprisoned

Sustainable Development - United Nations SDG goals

Taxes - Wasted on reshuffles, policy 'U' turns and incompetence

Transparency - Lack of it

United Kingdom - A giant concentration camp in the making

Universal Declaration of Human Rights 1948 - United Nations, international human rights law

Vendettas -

Wealden District Council - Corruption in planning, pensions, CIL taxes & conspiracies

Winston Churchill - A British Prime Minister with principles



Zyklon B - Nazi Germany's inhumane gassing of the Jews (inmates) of concentration camps




The United Kingdom is like any other geographical region anywhere else in the world, beset by day to day problems, but also brim full of good news and history - if you know where to look.


Also, like any other geographical location on the planet, it is the local people that make the area what it is and to this end we must look to those in positions of trust, like our local councillors and members of parliament, for the leadership that is necessary to bring about change for a sustainable future free of discrimination, with a transparent justice system.


The issues of the day are coping with a growing population, climate change and pollution - that will cause food and electricity shortages, so threatening to destabilize what is good about the region - if we fail to play our part in building a sustainable future based upon a swing towards a more equitable society.


Corruption and perverse policies are major issues to overcome. Until such matters are dealt with, the UK is held to be "up shit creek without a paddle."







Corruption lurks in every corridor of local and national buildings. Queen Elizabeth was asked for help. She declined. The duty to provide an effective remedy, now rests with King Charles


Incompatibility in Human Rights terms, is where one statute does not comply with HR statute. The European Convention does include Article 13, the right to an effective remedy.



The United Kingdom does not yet have a Written Constitution, leaving the justice system open to abuse via the honours system. [R v Sussex Justices 1924] Without justice being available to the ordinary man in the street, fairly, impartially and affordably, Britain can never truly be great again.















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