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It is important to keep in mind that this account of institutionalised abuses is based on a true story, though some of the scenes may be fictionalized, fly on the wall fashion. Since, although we have the papers to confirm that such events must have taken place, we do not have recordings of many of the happenings.



Abolition of the Monarchy debate, versus a Written Constitution -

Adolf Hitler - Nazi Germany, on disarming the electorate

African Royal Trading Company - British royal slave trading

Albert Saunders - Gardener who told the truth

Albert and Victoria - Law givers, to the common man

Alex Igor Askaroff - Simplantex & Albert Saunders

Andrew, Prince - Earl of Inverness, Vice Admiral, British Royal Navy

Anne Boleyn - Second wife of Henry VIII, the Butcher of Britain (Beheaded)

Anne of Cleves - Fourth wife of Henry VII, the Butcher of Britain (Divorce settlement)

Apartheid - Open discrimination, making native Africans second class citizens, in gross violation of the Universal Declaration

Article 8 Infringement - Conditions designed to prevent a Private and Family (at all) Life

Articles of War - human rights violations

Ashley Brown - District Planning Officer (WC), architect of deception, alleged amateur historian/archaeologist

Australia - Commonwealth member 2022-23

Bankrupt Britain - The UK is thought to be insolvent, from years of policy vandalism, promoting repeat borrowing

BBC - British Broadcasting Corporation & biased reporting

Bill of Rights, 1689 Act - Right of audience with the King (head of state)

Bill Smith - Bluebird Project, K7 restoration, long running legal dispute

Brian Jarman - Former WC district councillor

Brian West - Masonic master, Eastbourne (Tyrian) Lodge, former WC district councillor

British Empire, The

British Virgin Islands - Caribbean dependent colony

Bulldogs - A stout breed of courageous dog, and men with true grit, like John Wayne

Captain Hanchard Goodwin - Resident LP

Carrington VC - Fiction: a British officer (David Niven) convicted of theft, with telephonist hearing vital evidence for appeal

Carols - @ Westminster Abbey, December 2022

Catherine Howard - Fifth wife of Henry VIII, the Butcher of Britain

Catherine Middleton - Princess of Wales

Catherine of Aragon - First wife of Henry VIII, the Butcher of Britain

Catherine Parr- Sixth wife of Henry VIII, Butcher of Britain

CCRC - Criminal Cases Review Commission - Liam Holden, March 2023: Malicious prosecution

Cedric Joseph - Judge at Hove Crown Court, allegedly Article 5 incompetent, HRA 1998

Charles Lant - Chief Executive officer (WC)

Chief Constables - A to Z - Giles York, Paul Whitehouse

Church of England - C of E, a religion created for convenience to support Henry VIII's lust for women, leading to six wives

Colonialism - Colonial task masters

Colonies - Americas, Australia, Canada, India

Commonwealth of Nations - Consists of a group of 56 nations

Conspiracy to pervert the course of justice

Courts - Corruption via honours system and Masonic influence

Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) - Corrupted via Masonic influence and Honours system

Christine Nuttal - Allegedly corrupt solicitor (WC)

David Cameron - Prime Minister, mentioned Written Constitution after Brexit (exiting the EU) was tabled

David Phillips - Allegedly corrupt enforcement officer (WC)

Death - From exhaustion, working as financial slaves

Derek Holness - Allegedly corrupt Chief Executive officer (WC) & enhanced pension

Donald (Don) Charles Wales - Nephew of Donald Campbell CBE, Grandson to Sir Malcolm

Donald Campbell CBE - Land and water speed record ace: CN7 and K7 (jet car and boat)

Dorothy Campbell - Donald Campbell's mother, Jean (sister) mother of Don Wales

East Sussex County Council - County Archaeologists, Monuments

Elizabeth Carter - Forensic medical expert, Sussex police, making mention of naturally occurring marks

Elizabeth Cowling - Resident LP

Empire Building - Kleptocrats and Plutocrats

English Heritage - Monument Protection Programmes, now Historic England

Eugenics Programme - English law is presently a veiled eugenics programme

Field Marshal Frederick Sleigh (Lord) Roberts, 1st Earl Roberts, VC, KG, KP, GCB, OM, GCSI, GCIE, VD, PC, FRSGS

Fraud - P200 recharge budgets - 2006 Act

Gas Chambers - Zyklon B, mass murder of concentration camp inmates

Giles York - Chief Constable, Sussex police (resigned)

Gina Campbell - Daughter of Donald Campbell CBE, and granddaughter of Sir Malcolm

Gordon Staker - Evidence crafting, Sussex police

Governors - Prison human rights abuses

Hampton Court Palace - Richmond On Thames, London

Harry Duke of Sussex, Prince (fomer) - Second in line to the British throne

Henry Arnell - Director LPE and conspirator with Peter Townley

Henry VIII - Creator of the Church of England, beheadings: The British Butcher & the Tower of London

Historic England - Previously English Heritage

Horatio Herbert Kitchener, 1st Earl Kitchener, KG, KP, GCB, OM, GCSI, GCMG, GCIE, PC

Human Rights Violations 1998 Act - leaving out Articles 1, and 13 (right to an effective remedy)

Huw Andrews - Director LPE

Injustice Alliance - Lobbying for transparency in government and human rights to secure justice and a fairer society

Immigration - British policies

India - The Jewel in the Crown

Ian Kay - Assistant District Planning Officer (WC)

James (Jimmy) Ashley - Naked man gunned down by Sussex police while in bed in Hastings

Jane Seymour - Third wife of Henry VIII, the Butcher of Britain (Beheaded)

Jean Wales - Donald Campbell's sister, mother of Don Wales, daughter to Dorothy Campbell

Jeremy Clarkson - Racial hatred and incitement to violence: against Meghan? 60 MPs protest

Jill Finn - Resident LP

Jo Shiner - Chief Constable, Sussex police

Judicial Review - Application to review the decision of the Criminal Cases Review Commission, not to refer to the Court of Appeal

Judicial System - Corrupted via Masonic influence and Honours system

Judges - A to Z

Julian Dale - Barrister who (allegedly) refused to challenge medical evidence, or mount proper defence

King Charles I - Executed for treason, Monarchy abolished

King Charles II - Granted royal charter African Trading Company - for slave trading

King Charles III - Head of State in the very much divided - United Kingdom - Protestors

King George I - Coronation riots

King James II - Slavery, the bloody triangle, Africa, West Indies, Britain - Royal Charter

Legal Aid - Paltry funding rate; huge reductions designed to limit the ability of a defendant to mount a defence (Article 6 violation)

Legal System, British - Corrupted via Honours system and Masonic influence

Lewes Prison - Governor refuses justice laptop, HR violations

London University - Archaeological experts, South East

Lord John Gould - Uckfield, workshop & office

Maidstone Prison - Refusing justice laptop, HR violations

Margaret Thatcher - Enemy of the common man - financial slaver

Martha Morphew - Lime Park resident

Masonic Societies - Secret Satanic rituals, involving aprons and bare chests (allegedly)

Mastiffs - Large and powerful Old English working dogs

Meghan Markle - Queen Consort in waiting, married to Harry, 2nd in line to the British Throne

Melanie Liebenberg - A doctor prepared to perjure herself in misleading a Jury, who failed to conduct a proper examination

Metropolitan police - Cressida Dick (resigned)

Michael Harrison - Barrister who failed to secure medical and summing up transcripts

Netflix Documentary - Harry & Meghan, Queen Elizabeth's 21st birthday speech 14-12-22

Nicholas Vernon Hall - Ratton Secondary School, (Harold Hall, Mason, Raglans, Eastbourne)

Nikolia (Nick) Askaroff - BTO, director Simplantex, Premier Baby

Nigel Brunt (Ratonian, solicitor)

Nigel Coltman - Wealden District Councillor, allegedly, chum of Brian West in bankruptcy attempt, WD Cabinet

Nigel Flood - Resident LP

Claire Lambert - Director LPE

Clare Martin - Director LPE

Donald Campbell - Bluebird CN7 & K7

Malcolm Campbell - Sunbeam and Railton Bluebirds and K3

Norfolk Prison - Refusing justice laptop, HR violations

Oliver Cromwell - A man who wished for a democratic England

Paul Whitehouse - Chief Constable, Sussex police - James Ashley shooting cover up (forced to resign)

Peggy Green - The Chauffeur's daughter (Sidney)

Petition - 1997 planning crimes, the failure to investigate by Sussex police, constitutes a crime, CPS perversion of justice conspiracy

Peter and June Townley - Director LPE and alleged conspirator with Henry Arnell & Wealden DC

Planning Inspectorate - Duped, fed false and misleading evidence by WC, H. Arnell, C. Askaroff, P. Townley

Politics - Corrupt policies on which a nation is governed

Prince Andrew - Alleged under age sex with Virginia Roberts & out of court settlement

Prince Edward - Earl of Wessex

Princess Anne

Princess of Wales - Catherine Middleton

Protestors - Anti Monarchy, Milton Keynes - Liability, King we cannot afford with inflation and recession

Queen Anne - Slave trading, piracy and privateers 1665 - 1714

Queen Camilla - Wife of King Charles III

Queen Elizabeth I - Privateering, used independent pirates to support her treasury

Queen Elizabeth II - The longest reigning British monarch, died @ 96 years

Queen Victoria -

Rules of Engagement - True story of Colonel Terry Childers being accused of murder, saved despite video evidence going missing

R v Sussex Justices 1924 - Common case law as to impartiality and justice being seen to be done

Ross Banks - Sussex police officer

Shit Creek, Up, without a paddle - Irresponsible borrowing & National Debt

Sir Christopher Holland - Single judge, appeals, Strand, London

Sir Malcolm Campbell - Captain, Royal Flying Corp, Water and Land speed record ace, Sunbeam, Railton, Bluebirds, K3

Sir Terence Conran - Sponsor to Bluebird Electric

Slavery - The British Empire was founded on enslavement, cash crops and slave trading

Slime Park - Snakes in the grass

Scotland Yard - The mythical London police unit, held to be in good standing by Sherlock Holmes

South Africa - Durban, Johannesburg, Apartheid, Anglo-Zulu wars: Isandlwana and Rorke's Drift

Susan (Sue) Stedman - Area Plans South chair (member of) and Wealden District Councillor

Sussex Industrial Archaeology Society - On historic building

Sussex police - One of the most corrupt constabularies in England

The British Empire - Overseas territories, colonies and dependencies, acquired for exploitation via the slave trade & slavery

The Crown - Netflix, series 5: Prince Charles, marriage to Lady Diana Spencer

Tin Shack, The Hut - Courtroom character assassination conspiracy between WDC and Sx police (actually wooden historic building)

Tony Blair - Prime Minister, war criminal, but still knighted against popular opinion

Trevor Scott - Chief Executive officer @ WC, deal and subsequent breach of contract, alleged contempt of court

Trinidad & Tobago - Boodram, right to a full and fair legal defence

United Nations - International Courts of Justice, Universal Declaration & Sustainable Development (Watchdogs)

Universal Declaration of Human Rights - Laws that English agencies seek to skirt around

Valentines Day - The courtroom massacre, Bulldog, stitched up by his own barrister, failing to refute with diary evidence

Victoria, Queen - The royal who gave law to the people, until the Conservatives took it back

Victor Von Woolfe - 'The Colonial Bulldog,' a South African who took on the British system, to expose discrimination and corruption

Victorio Scarpa - Allegedly corrupt solicitor at Wealden Council

Wealden Action Group - Watchdogs, who reported crimes to Sussex police, but they failed to investigate; a crime in itself

Wealden District Council - A corrupt council, executive officers and councillors who turned a blind eye (WC)

Whistleblowing - Do so at your peril

William Duke of Cambridge, Prince - Prince of Wales 2022, heir to the British throne

Written Constitution - High time the UK adopted laws to prevent corruption in the Courts as a new Bill of Rights

Xanadu - an idyllic, exotic, or luxurious place, where justice rules alongside transparency

Yankees - American Civil War, between North and South, to abolish slavery

Zebra - Stripes, on equines in Africa - a horse in grass clothing

Zulu Wars - Colonial battles of the British Empire in South Africa







Life is not what it seems, in the United Kingdom. Evil lurks in every corridor of power. Where there is a profit to be made, or a backhander for procurement, (sadly) fraud is a way of life in many institutions.









The more the national debt, the greater the ineptitude of the administration. There is no argument about that. Only a fool borrows what he cannot afford to pay back comfortably. But these fools are not paying it back, you are, from your taxes. These politicians are financially enslaving their citizens, to pay for their aspirations of grandeur.









Potentially more dangerous in terms of civil liberties, is the police state, where Chief Constables are awarded medals for towing the party line. The idea being to make the present system appear just. Never mind slave trading and proceeds of crime, or immoral earnings.






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