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Flop 27, follows FLOP 26, failure to agree binding targets for the love of coal and oil




The United Kingdom's administration and policies are so corrupted with little fiefdoms, that the country is (as the saying goes) effectively a police state. The present Conservative government is seeking to limit basic human rights even further, to prevent peaceful demonstrations and other civil disobedience. Especially, relating to climate change protestors.


Why is that? Maybe, because the present government is in the pockets of the oil companies. They don't want anyone making noises about their failings. So, change the law to lock them up. But, is that sustainable? Surely, it would be cheaper in terms of the UK's carbon footprint, to transition to renewables. And start curbing planning corruption.


The British administration are more or less, following the path trodden by Henry VIII and Adolf Hitler, both of whom systematically removed the right of the citizen to challenge corruption. [Articles 9 & 10] In the case of King Henry, he simply made his word law, and chopped off the head of anyone who disagreed with him. Simple! Adolf, set up the Gestapo and concentration camps, and made himself a dictator. The end result was much the same. The ordinary voter was completely muzzled. You either followed the glorious leader, or were eliminated.


Some may think Henry VIII was kinder. A quick death, rather than being worked to death, and then gassed.


In the UK at present, it is even more painful, a lingering state of prolonged mental torture, as their victim realizes that the system is utterly corrupt, police, CPS and judges all bought with the promise of a Gong, or a medal.








Fast forward to 2000 and looking to the future, if a citizen openly challenges the system, they will be arrested, their home ransacked, privileged legal documents stolen, for starters. They may also be framed and sent to the Gulag, or just assassinated very quietly. And this is not Communist China, Iran, or Russia. This is happening in Britain. Beginning with corruption in the planning system, that is not investigated, because local police are in bed with the perverse actions of the local authority - and effectively on the payroll from council taxes. Such as uncovered with Wealden District Council in 1997, then pushed through as a conspiracy to prevent those abuses of authority from being investigated.


However, there is no statute of limitations on conspiracies or fraud. Both very serious crimes.


Adolf Hitler - The mastermind of Nazi Germany

Appeals - What should be a right in any decent country

Blue (circular or sustainable) economic policies and efficient justice system

Concentration camps

Control - Manipulating the justice system to obtain false convictions, to disarm activists

Criminal Cases Review Commission - Discriminatory practices, part of UK police state

Dame Cressida-Dick - Metropolitan police commissioner (resigned) over PartyGate

Death Camps - Hospitals that don't provide suitable healthcare, and extermination camps

Effective Remedy - A lack of in many European States

Failures - To remedy violations

Gestapo - Gas chamber remedy

Hitler - An example of how not to govern a State by disarming it's citizens - using Gestapo terror tactics - the world objecting

Honours System - Corrupt practices titles for sale, medals for corrupt police and honours for complicit judges

Institutionalised discrimination and corrupt practices

Justice - A rare commodity in kleptocratic States

King Charles III - The head of state, United Kingdom

Legal Aid - Reduction to the point where almost no defence can be mounted, with threats as to costs for asserting innocence

Metropolitan police -





Vladimir Putin, became a Russian war criminal in 2022 by invading Ukraine



THE RUSSIAN ADOLF HITLER - The only way to stop some kleptocrats, is a bullet in the head. But that is illegal, and would be wrong. The only time it becomes legal, is during times of war, and even then only as part of a legitimate wartime operation. Not as part of a firing squad, imprisonment and torture. Etc. The free world cannot entertain such notions. Hence, will have to wait until Vladimir Putin oversteps the mark. Before wiping out Moscow, the Kremlin and any other threats - then handing Russia back to a freely elected administration. With a decent level of human rights protections. Let us hope we do not have to go nuclear to achieve peace between Russia and the free world. Or, little point in handing back radioactive land mass.





Nazi Germany - A state where the private citizen was in fear of their life, if they did not endorse the party line

Opps - Execution of innocent people

Prince Harry - Third in line to the British throne

Prince William - Next in line to the British throne

Prisons - Breeding grounds for human rights abuses, activist dumping grounds

Queen - The head of state to 2022, Elizabeth II

Rights - Abuses of human fundamental freedoms

Royal Family - The Firm, a dysfunctional British institution

Scotland Yard - Dame Cressida-Dick's failure to investigate Duke of York rape claim by Virginia Guiffre

Slavery - Financial and prostitution

Sussex police

Third Reich - New World Order
Tony Blair - War criminal
United Kingdom - A dictator Monarchy, posing as a democracy?

United Nations - International Court of Justice
Valuation Office - False valuations to obtain money by deception, fraud
Wealden - Corrupt District Council, an example of civil service HR violations & corruption

Written Constitution - Is it time to replace the Monarchy with a more reliable administration?
Xbox - Games where the player can fight against tyranny, without getting sanctioned
Youtube - A medium that may assist the fight for justice around the world
Zyklon B - Gas designed to cheaply exterminate humans




The United Kingdom does not yet have a Written Constitution. Perhaps with the abolition of the monarchy and a decent set of rules by which successive governments and the courts may operate effectively, the country may be able to survive on a planet that is also in deep shit from climate change, pollution and falling agricultural output.







Corruption lurks in every corridor of local and national buildings. Queen Elizabeth was asked for help. She declined. The duty to provide an effective remedy, now rests with King Charles

Incompatibility in Human Rights terms, is where one statute does not comply with HR statute. The European Convention does include Article 13, the right to an effective remedy.





Corruption and injustice is such a big thing, that the subject is included in the UN's Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs). There is a United Nations Convention Against Corruption. As per General Assembly resolution 58/4 of 31 October 2003.















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